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Uncaging Mountain Lion

I have a 2006 Quad Core Intel Mac Pro. It's my understanding that I can't upgrade to Mountain Lion, but is there any way to force an install?

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Broaden Your Range

I have a MacBook Pro but cannot connect to my home network router from one room. If I buy a D-Link DWA-131 Wireless-N USB adapter, will it work in my Mac and improve my reception?

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Photo Finder

I had my iPad backed up and iOS 6 reinstalled at the Apple Store. Everything is back, except my photos. I had about 1,000 of them and several albums to boot. Any suggestions on how to get them back?

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That syncing feeling

It's been a while since I last synced the apps on my iPhone with iTunes. Now the Sync Apps checkbox is unchecked in the Apps section of iTunes, and when I check it, I see a warning dialog that says syncing will erase the apps on my phone and replace them with what's in iTunes. How can I enable app syncing without erasing my device?

This dialog (which you'll encounter in pre-11 versions of iTunes) sounds a bit scary, but not to worry. First, you can make sure the apps on your iPhone are in iTunes by connecting your iPhone and choosing File > Transfer Purchases from iPhone. (If you use iCIoud app syncing, any apps you buy on your phone should already be in iTunes, but it doesn't hurt to double-check.) Now you can check that Sync Apps checkbox, and you'll still see the same warning dialog, but rest assured that if you continue, no apps (or data in the apps) should be lost.

When you continue, iTunes will search through your iPhone to see if the app is in iTunes. If it is (and it should be once you transfer all purchases), then the app on your device will be left alone. If the app is not in your local iTunes library, then it will be removed from your device, since the iTunes library is the master library you're syncing the phone to.

And while you're syncing, don't forget to back up. If your iPhone's Summary page in iTunes has the "Back up to this computer" option selected, the backup happens when you sync. But even if you are backing up to iCIoud. you can still manually backup your device to your Mac by right clicking on your iPhone or iPad in the iTunes sidebar and choosing Backup.

Of course, if you've upgraded to iTunes 11, you won't have to worry about syncing all your apps, since you can manage them individually.